Sunday, December 5, 2010


Chokyab Sherab
Mr. Gallagher
12 CP Period1
6 December. 2010
            In stranger the author Camus used the protagonist and the narrator of the story Meursault’s strange and odd character from the rest of the society to show that, if someone has strange characters from rest of the society, people will take their behaviors to judge it, not from the person’s real characters. In the part one of the novel, when Raymond who was foil to the main character was totally mad for the two Arab guys and wanted to immorally kill the guy, but the Meursault morality stopped Raymond and save the life. But unluckily the Arab guy stand up to faced them. So as of Meursault was the person that decide thing by physical emotion he shot the Arab guy, without any purpose but prosecutor and society blamed him that he was guilt to morally killed the Arab guy. Also author Camus used sun as symbolist of moral and god, but over time it changed to immoral and evil that made Meursault to kill the Arab man.
In The stranger chapter 6, part one, when Raymond hands gun to Meursault, and Meursault told Raymond to shoot the second guy. If he get up Albert Camus suggests that when some one in bad luck life is very short and death can also happen fast as yes or not question. Camus shows this by describes the thought of the protagonist and the narrator of the story, somebody death and live was sometime depend on whether get up or back off. People don't care for future. Their life would be depend and decide by present situation and every thing has consequence.
 In the beginning of the passage, author Camus used symbolist sun. In the passage “The whole time there was nothing but the sun and the silence,” (55) to show that sun as god and moral that was watching Meursault action, and let him to do the good things.
            In the passage Meursault present Raymond from shoot the Arabs guy. In the passage "Raymond ask me, "should I let him have it" I thought that if I said no he'd get himself all work up and shoot for sure. All I was, "he hasn't said anything yet. It be pretty lousy to shoot him like that,"" Page56 Meursault was the one who tried to stop Raymond, in deep inside Meursault had good quality and kindness, but most of time he hide his really emotion and characters.
            In the middle of the passage, Meursault promise Raymond to shoot Arab man if he moved or other draws the knife. In the passage “if the other one moves in or if he draws his knife, I will let him have it." (56) Future and consequence are really not matters as Meursault had a strange character, which he depended everything on present, like he want to be with Marie, but don't really care about marriage her. 
            At the end of passage when Meursault got gun and about to shoot the guy if guy move, in the passage, "It was then that I realize that you could either shoot or not shoot." Page 56 that he realized it was not only he doesn't care, but whole worlds don't care and either shoot a guy to end his life or not. It really no matter and they have no different between two choices.
 Person who doesn't care about future and follow or go alone with things comes present, or deals with present situation without think of future. They will put other life in risk and their own life in highly risks too. As they think they have no different between two decisions, but the reality it that Meursault had no intend reason to kill the Arab guy.
 But other people will hardly understand that kind of strange characters and they will basically judge it by their own experienced and behaviors.
In the passage when Meursault shouted in the trial to tell everyone that he wasn’t intend to kill the Arab man and guilt put on him morally kill Arab guy was absurd, Albert Camus suggested that sometime small decision make huge change in the people life even they didn’t mean to that. Camus shows this by Meursault reaction toward prosecutor word, that Meursault was morally guilty of killing Arab man. People life was depended on decision they make and every decision has consequence, whether people been careful or careless. Other will take their own judgment or thought base on their behavior.
            In the middle of the passage when he told trial that he killed the Arab man because of sun heat let him do it. In the passage “I blurted out that it was because of sun”. (103) Sun is the symbolist of immoral and evil, Meursault really think that heat of the sun make him to shot the Arab guy, for him it was more like accident than morality to kill some one. Which he was person, who consider physical emotion was more important than mental emotion, and only care for present situation.
            In the passage when Meursault mention sun heat let him shot the Arab, all the people in the trial reaction was totally unbelievable for him. In the passage, “People laughed, my lawyer threw up his hands, and immediately after that he was given the floor”. (103) Meursault think sun was the only cause him to shoot the Arab man and he had no other reason to kill Arab man, but when he mention it to other people, it was more like jock to them and they couldn’t even imagine, it is a fact. Meursault’s strange opinion and emotion put himself out from rest of the society.    
            The people life was depended on what decision they made in their daily life. They have consequence for every decision, but other will judge you base on their own behavior, so sometime strange opinion and emotion person in a society get judgment from other base on their own behavior, but not on that person real personality.
            In the stranger Meursault killed the Arab guy was fact, and it was more like accident than mortally to kill him. But people judge Meursault from their own behavior and found that he was morally to kill the Arab guy. Reality is that Raymond was the one who really want to take revenge and intend to want to kill the Arab guy. In a society if they have a strange character, other will rarely recognize it, so they will judge it by their own experienced and behaviors, not from the person real personality and fact. That person will be remain away from rest of the society.