Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Stranger Part 1 passage explication

Chokyab Sherab
Mr. Gallegher
12 CP Period 1
18 Nov, 2010

         The Stranger Part 1 passage explication 
       In the passage when Raymond hands gun to Meursualt, and  Meursualt accept to shoot the second guy. If he get up Albert Camus suggests that life is very short and death can also happen fast as yes or not question. Camus shows  this by describes the thought of the protagonist and the narrator of the story, somebody death and live was sometime depend on whether get up or back off. people don't care for future. All their life would be depend and decide by present situation. 
When the passage begins,  Meursualt present Raymond from shoot the Arabs guy. In the passage "Raymond ask me, "should  i let him have it" i thought that if i said no he'd get himself all work up and shoot for sure. All  i was, "he hasn't said anything yet. It be pretty lousy to shoot him like that,"" Page56 Those all the people don't care for some body death and their present situation and reacted as how things come alone.
In the middle of the passage.  Meursualt promise Raymond to shoot Arab man if he move or other draws the knife. In the passage if the other one moves in or if he draws his knife. I will let him have it." Future and consequence are really don't matters as  Meursualt depend everything on present, like he want to be with Marie, but don't really care about marriage her. 
At the end of passage when  Meursualt got gun and about to shoot the guy, if guy move. In the passage. "It was then that i realize that you could either shoot or not shoot." Page 56 that he realize it was not only he doesn't care, but whole worlds don't care, and either shoot a guy to end his life or not. It really don't matter and they have no different between two choices.
Person who don't care about future and follow or go alone with things come present, or deal with present situation without think of future. Their life was highly risk too. As they have no different between two decisions. 

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